Will this work with this stock protein skimmer?

No.  The skimmer needs to be removed 1st.  Most customers upgrade to the Tunze 9001

How do I install with the Tunze 9001?

You can mount the Tunze 9001 directly to the basket with the supplied magnets that are included with the protein skimmer. This install requires no further modification to any product and the top bracing will support the weight and stress of the Tunze. For a more advanced user, the skimmer can be mounted to the rear of the tank using the supplied magnets on the 9001.  inTank only recommends this installation to a customer with some Do-It-Yourself skills.  Simply glue one magnet to the rear body of the skimmer.  Then you can mount to the rear glass of the aquarium.

Water is overflowing the Media Basket

Tie larger more dense media bags such as Chemi Pure to the middle shelf to pick them off too many holes.  Flow is being blocked

Change Filter Floss as needed, make sure to feed livestock with the filtration pump OFF


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