Does this Media Basket fit the Innovative Marine Concept aquariums?

They should.  Please measure the depth and width of your chamber first as in the past, Innovative Marine did not make these with any standards.  The depth is from the end of the intake channel piece to the rear glass of the aquarium.  You can use a folded piece of paper or cardboard to help.

What are the product dimensions?

  • 10-7/8" Tall
  • 2-3/4" Wide
  • 2-7/16" Deep

Water is backing up in the Media Basket, what's up with that?

Because Innovative Marine designed this chamber on the small size, do not over fill the Media Basket.  Blocking too many holes in the Basket with media bags will reduce passing flow.  Use smaller amounts of media.  Change filter floss regularly and feed with the filtration pump(s) off as to not suck too much food into the filter floss.

Do I need two Media Baskets, one under each intake (excludes Fusion 10/Peninsula 14 & 20)?

That all depends on what you will be stocking in your aquarium and how much filtration media you may need to run.  This is why we offer the inTank Filter Floss holder Part Number - IM20FH.  Having an inTank Media Basket under one intake, and inTank Filter Floss Holder under the second intake, saves money and still protects the rear chambers from detritus.

Generally we recommend using 2 - Media Baskets unless you are running more media in the inTank Fuge Basket.  In that case 1 - Media Basket and 1 Floss Holder can be used.


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