Will this fit the original Oceanic BioCube 29 models?

No, please purchase our Oceanic BioCube 29 Media Basket - Part Number: BC29MR

Are the Water Directors included?

Yes.  They are needed for proper operation and we would never think of charging extra for something so necessary.

Do you sell spare or replacement Water Directors?

Yes.  They are sold HERE

Water is overflowing the Media Basket

Tie larger more dense media bags such as Chemi Pure to the middle shelf to pick them off too many holes.  Flow is being blocked

Change Filter Floss as needed, make sure to feed livestock with the filtration pump OFF

How high should I have the water level?

Disregard the MIN/MAX line of the aquarium.  You need a higher water level in the rear chambers for proper filtration and water volume.  Please add new water to the 2nd or 3rd chamber while the filtration pump is ON so the level comes up to around the first, top shelf of the Media Basket.  Most set it just under the Filter Floss to avoid a waterfall noise.

Do I need to remove the false floor in chamber two?

Yes.  Remove the false floor in chamber two.  Simply pull up on the floor, it is only resting on horizontal molding.

The water director is not "directing" 100% of the water into the basket.

This would only be possible if the direction piece was permanently sealed into your aquarium.  The water director transfers as much water as possible while still being removable for maintenance.  A small amount of bypass is normal and does not affect your newly upgraded filtration.  Water is circulating through the entire aquarium multiple times per hour and through the entire Media Basket.

Should I keep the sponge in?

YES and No.  If you are not running any macro algae then no, take it out.  Sponges can lead to nitrates in a saltwater reef setup.  If you are using macro algae then keep the sponge before the return pump to protect it from any loose macro algae.  Keep it clean to avoid the risk of nitrates.  Keep a spare, swap them out during water changes so you are replacing with a sponge that is clean, and dried out killing all harmful detritus.

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